Monegasque roofing
company SFT MC
French-style craftsmanship since 1994
Monegasque roofing
company SFT MC
French-style craftsmanship since 1994

Roofer based in Monaco

Are you looking for a company specialized in roofing work in Monaco?
SFT Roof is a professional roofer with several years of experience and is involved throughout the 06 area.
SFT Toiture is a company specializing in roofing work, based in Monaco. But our 06 covering company operates throughout all the department. We work for professionals and individuals for all work related to covering in accordance with the standards and rules.
Our several years experienced and qualified team supports all roofing works such as installation, maintenance, cleaning and defoaming, repairs or skylight installation. We take care of carpentries, roofing and zinc smelting accessories.

Professional services by specialist team in Monaco

SFT Toiture is a company specialising in roofing in Monaco. We operate throughout the
06, so call on our services wherever you are. You will collaborate with a team with many
years of experience and in whom you can have confidence through its professionalism
and expertise. Our team is made up of qualified carpenters with many years of
The carpentry is an important part of the roofing. Indeed, as the roof structure, it ensures
the maintenance and stability of the roof. The framework can be made of solid wood,
concrete, metal or other materials. Whatever type of framework you wish to install, our
carpenters will be able to meet your needs.

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We operate throughout the Principality of Monaco.

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Safety on building sites
Listening and advice
Lapeyre Partner
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06 80 86 34 71

By calling on our company, you benefit from a service that is operational 7 days a week, even on Sundays.
If we only schedule appointments on Sundays, we will also come to you in an emergency to help you in the event of a roof leak.
We replace broken tiles and detect all leaks to make your roof safe again.

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